Covid-19 Guideline

Myanmar as Safe Travel @ CoVID free destination 

  • Myanmar is fighting against COVID-19 nationwide but not really out-break yet. Regarding Inbound traffic by Air or Sea or Border entry, Authority are not currently opened up to international travelers, going in and out from borders and airports/ Cruise ports are temporarily forbidden except relief flights/ Cargo flights and VIP private flights until end of 2020. Concerning  entry visa/ permit to Myanmar, government CDC approval is required and respective countries’ embassy and each Myanmar Embassy/ Mission’s endorsement are considered  on inbound essential travellers, Business travellers in due course but most of relief flights are majority of returnees and diplomats as first priority. 

    The government set safety rules as 

    •          Stay home effect in some affected areas depends on transmission rate.
    •          Wearing mask is a must
    •          Using sanitizer and temperature control at every sort of transportation
    •          Keeping in social distancing (6 feet apart) within territory
    •          Taking swab test if criteria meets
    •          Emerge quarantine centers and curing cases with the help of foreign and domestic supports
    •          Requirements issued from authorities to travel
    •          Proof of recent health test to cross state to state
    •          Staying quarantine at destination is a must especially from Yangon and Mandalay.
  • The Ministry of Hotels and Tourism already set future plans and rules for the tourism sector to get improvements and build tourism back to a better condition after the pandemic. 

    Under the guidelines of government, in cooperation between Ministries of transportation, hotel and tourism and local authorities, Myanmar set national guideline safe Destination and Health Protocol for CoVID free zone, there are  safety measure of travelers are being made in every sectors of transportation, food and beverage, sightseeing, guides and services, hotels and accommodation, destinations, events, rentals and tour agents accordingly. 

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