Ngapali Beach

Port location:
Latitude: 18.45752000
Longitude: 94.34203946

Ngapali Beach is located 7 kilometers from the town of Thandwe (Sandoway) in Rakhine State, Myanmar. Its beach stretches for 3 km and overlooks the Indian Ocean.
Cozy Hotels, Beach Resorts and Golf Courses are comprehensively located along Ngapali Beach. The beach destination can be reached by domestic air to Thandwe Airport as well as by road and coastal cruise liner docked at Thandwe Wharf.
Besides, Ngapali Beach is not only famous for its crystal sea waves and white sands significantly
symbol but also fresh and delicious seafood sold by charming fishermen. Those amazing experiences are memorable in your lifetime once a visit to Beach Ngapali not like others.

For adventure out lookers, there are trekking/biking experiences in Rakhine Yoma (Mountain Range), enjoy golfing at a long time traditional golf club on the hill behind the blue sea, Balloon Over Ngapali Beach and Bay of Bangle by Hot Air Balloons, Fishermen Wharf visit and culture lifestyle tour to Thandwe formerly known as Sandoway colonial district town by car.
In fact, Ngapali beach looks like Eastern Napoli Beach from Italy and it was named in British days then changed into Napoli to Ngapali.

Myanmar Voyages had operated MS The World Cruise to Ngapali beach in 2010 as the cruise first call in this region.

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