Suggested Tips

  • Walking

    One of the best ways to see and experience Yangon is to just explore on foot. Negotiating Yangon on foot is a possibility; due to traffic congestion, it is faster to get around downtown by walking. You will see a great deal more by walking with a good map and interacting with locals. In addition, as is the case in other Asian countries, traffic does not stop for pedestrians so be careful when crossing the street.

  • Taxis

    Taking a taxi is the easiest way for visitors to get around Yangon. Taxis are easily found and fares are generally cheap, but traffic can get very congested, particularly during evening rush hour. Local Taxis have no meter services and fares are based on bargaining basics .

  • GrabTaxi

    This Singapore-based Taxi service is one of the most popular and useful taxi apps in Myanmar. GrabTaxi offers a convenient online taxi booking service. It brings the nearest taxi driver to you without unwanted fare negotiations. Grab has been operating in 6 countries in Southeast Asia and now it is available in Yangon, Mandalay and Bagan. Grab offers two taxi options to meet the customer’s requirements: GrabTaxi and GrabTaxi Plus(Beta). The standard one offers daily taxis and the latter offers more comfortable rides with nicer car models. The application is available both on IOS and Android devices.

  • Oway Ride

    This international brand was founded in 2012 and initiated as an online travel platform. Oway Ride focuses on 3 key factors: Safe, Certain and Fast which ensure its customers to use their service with absolute safety and satisfaction. The application is available both on IOS and android devices with both Myanmar and English language.

  • Suggested Attire in Myanmar

    Visitors, whether male or female, are advised to dress conservatively while visiting Myanmar. Not only does this convey respect for the host country’s religion, customs and beliefs, but it also prevents unwanted attention. Arms and legs should be covered, preferably by clothing that is loose enough so as to not outline the shape of the body. Skin-tight or see-through garments are never appropriate. Please be prepared to remove shoes when entering religious buildings or visiting someone’s house.

  • Suggested Etiquette in Myanmar

    Never point toward anything or anyone with your feet, especially toward a monk or a Buddhist statue, as it will be considered offensive. Please avoid touching a monk or touching anyone’s head, even a child’s, as a person’s head is considered the most sacred part of the body. It is polite to greet someone with a smile and always bow your head to greet a monk or an elder. Always wait for a woman to initiate a handshake. Public showing of affection is not customary.

  • Tipping in Myanmar

    The Pali word “cetena” is generally translated as “goodwill” and is used in a thousand ways in Myanmar. Many Myanmar people would feel offended by tips, feeling their cetena has been cheapened, whereas people of real service to you, such as a waiter, bellboy, or taxi driver expect a little tip; feel free to reward anyone who has enhanced your day in a special way. While tipping is at your own discretion, it is recommended to tip your tour guides and bus drivers.

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