Museums in Yangon

Myanmar has a great history and the museum exhibits accurately reflect the historical beauty of this unique country. Yangon’s range of museums offers a fascinating insight into Myanmar culture and heritage and its turbulent past through its museum. Here are some of the best to discover as you visit Yangon.

  • National Museum

    The National Museum exhibits 8 m high Sihasana (Lion Throne) which is belonged to King Thibaw Min, the last Myanmar King; Royal Regalia of the 19th century; gem-studded weapons; priceless ancient artifacts, works of art and historic memorabilia are displayed in 14 halls on four stories. Three halls on the ground floor hold an exhibit on the evolution of the Myanmar script and alphabet, the lion throne room and Ratanapon Period pieces.

    Open:                   Tue to Sun (09:30 – 16:30 hrs)
                                   Closed on Monday & Public Holidays
    Address:               No.66 Pyay Road, Dagon Township, Yangon

  • Myanmar Gems Trade Center (Former Myanmar Gems Museum)

    In addition to being known as the “Land of Pagodas,” Myanmar is renowned for its rubies, jade, and pearls. In the days of the Myanmar kings, the titles of the kings mentioned not only their assets of white elephants but their ownership of gold and gem mines.

    Myanmar Gems Trade Center was the former Myanmar Gems museum before moving to the new Capital City Nay Pyi Taw.

    Under a new title, Myanmar Gems trade center has a four-story building and the top floor of the museum has thousands of beautiful gemstones (rubies, sapphires, diamonds and jade) displayed in glass cabinets. It is also a great place to visit for gemstone lovers. 

    With a wealth of jade in the north, a treasure trove of gems in its center and pearls being produced in its southern seas, Myanmar boasts a rainbow of gems and precious stones. Surveying the museum’s exhibits, be amazed by what is reputed to be the world’s largest pearl, ruby and piece of jade. Also view an array of rubies, sapphires and peridot, along with an assortment of colored stones, jade, and pearls, many set in gold and silver.

    The rest of the 3 floors are the gems mart consist of 82 stores with high-quality raw and colorful designs of gems products set with a variety of precious stones such as rubies, jade, pearls, sapphires and other natural stones from Myanmar.

    Open:                   Tue to Sun (09:30 – 16:30 hrs)
                                  Closed on Monday & Public Holidays
    Address:               No.66, Gabaaye Pagoda Road, Mayangon Township, Yangon,

  • General Aung San Museum (BoGyoke Aung San Museum)

    • General Aung San Museum

    • General Aung San Cabinet

    The former house of the national hero, General Aung San’s House, now a museum, has only been officially opened in March 2012 in line with the current government’s lifting of restrictions on the Aung San family. Discover rooms filled with paintings, photos, copies of speeches and personal items owned by the General and his family. In addition, make a stop at the House of Memories. Step back in time to explore this building which was the former headquarters of the Burmese Independence Army and the Burmese Defense Army during the Second World War. See photos of the country’s leaders as well as other items that remain in the rooms.

    Open:                   Tue to Sun (09:30 – 16:30 hrs)
                                  Closed on Monday & Public Holidays
    Address:               No.25, BoGyoke Museum Street, Bahan Township, Yangon,

  • Myanmar Motion Picture Museum (MMPM)

    The Myanmar Film Industry has aged 100 years, starting in 1920. The Myanmar Motion Picture Museum is a film museum dedicated to the Cinema of Myanmar along with 100 years of journey images and memorials.

    A total of six showrooms at the museum; Silver Jubilee (1920-1945), Golden Jubilee (1946-1970), Diamond Jubilee (1971-1995), 100th Anniversary Myanmar Movies, Myanmar Movies Academy Award presentation scenes from 1952 till 2018, and a Filmmaking Industry Gallery.

    The visitors can observe in detail the history of the Myanmar Film Industry. And explore the showcase photos of famous actors and actresses from all periods, historical films, antique cameras, flashguns and broadcasting devices for visitors to help widen their scope of knowledge about Myanmar Movies.

    Open:                   Mon to Fri (09:00 – 17:00 hrs)
    Address:               No. 16, Bo Wingaba Road, Myanmar Motion Pictures Association, Bahan Township, Yangon.

  • U Thant House

    • U Thant House

    • U Thant House Interior

    U Thant was one of the famous burmese diplomats and the 3rd Secretary-General of the United Nations from 1961 to 1971, the first non-scandinavian to hold the position. The former residence of U Thant, one of Burma’s diplomatic treasures, is now on display at his colonial building house and opens to the public as a museum.

    The U Thant Exhibition showcases photographs, documents and recordings offering a glimpse into the life and times of U Thant who served as the first Asian UN Secretary-General after his years as secretary to Burma’s first Prime Minister U Nu.

    Today, U Thant House is a leading center for learning and dialogue in Yangon, focused on the key challenges facing Myanmar today. At this critical time in the country’s political, economic, social and environmental history, U Thant House aims to help the people of Myanmar reimagine peace and rethink development.

    Open:                   Fri to Sun (10:00 – 17:00 hrs)
    Address:               No.31 Panwa Lane (access from Inya Road) Kamayut Township, Yangon

  • Drug Elimination Museum

    • Drug Elimination Museum

    • Drug Elimination Museum Artwork

    This unique museum was established during the late 1990s in an effort to show how seriously the government viewed the country’s large drug problem. As strange as the museum’s name is, it is well worth a visit for its bizarre factor. Within the three floors, all the facets of Myanmar’s war on drugs are exhibited, including the country’s history of opium cultivation; operations against drug production; crop-replacement, and economic development strategies in opium production regions, as well as education campaigns about the dangers of drugs.

    Open:                   Tue to Sun (09:00 – 16:00 hrs)
    Address:              Corner Hanthawaddy and Kyun Taw Roads, Kamaryut Township, Yangon

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