Precious Family Moments to Remember

11 Days - 10 Nights Amarapura, Bagan, Heho, Indein, Inle Lake, Mandalay Division, Mingun, Sagaing Division, Yangon Division Family Holidays

Tour Overview

Although Myanmar’s infrastructure is undeveloped compared to those of other major countries in Southeast Asia and not many varieties of modern activities for the kids , Myanmar is simply one of the attractive countries to place a family holiday! We understand that family holidays are all about spending quality time together and creating lasting memories. That is why we make sure you see the most exciting attractions mixed with nature and culture of the country and enjoy fun- filled family authentic activities together for an unforgettable time ever.

Travel itinerary

  • Day 01: Arrival Yangon

    Upon arrival at Yangon International Airport, meet and greet by an experienced guide who loves the children and well knows how to handle the children on tour.  Reach directly to the hotel for check-in for relaxing after a long journey (If time permit).

    Yangon, formerly known as Rangoon is a place where people gather from different parts of Myanmar. Yangon has a mix of cultural taste where you will see more British Colonial Buildings than anywhere in Southeast Asia, a beautiful mosque, Hindu temples, and a world-famous Shwedagon Pagoda. With so many different people living in Yangon with harmony is what makes this city special.

    Begins the start of the journey in Myanmar, to avoid away from its own devices along the way, should bring some books for the kids to explore general knowledge about the country. At afternoon stroll along the Yangon‘s book street and stop at the Myanmar Book center, most of the books are perspectives and histories of Myanmar and its politics, ethnicities in English, and multi-languages.

    In the evening, the trip to Myanmar is completed with a visit to the famous Shwedagon Pagoda known to be the largest pagoda in the world, it stands on top of a hill, overhanging the city and is believed to be over 2,600 years old. The “heart of Myanmar” is one of the most important pilgrimage sites in Buddhism culture one of the most spectacular monuments in the world. This is a perfect way for the kids to learn about Myanmar people‘s belief in offering water, flowers, candle lights to Buddha in each corner which are related to animals’ posts depending on the day you were born. After enjoying the breathtaking view of the sunset with the background of Shwedagon Pagoda, drive back to the hotel and overnight in Yangon.

    Optional Activity – Traditional Light Oil Lamps Ceremony at Shwedagaon Pagoda

    It would be great if the family donate for the oil lamps ceremony as a remark for your family holiday.

    The oil lamp lighting ceremony is a highly symbolic Buddhist ritual, where they believe that lighting over 1000 special lamps will bless them wisdom and enlightenment. This beautiful ceremony under bright moonlight and a magnificent Shwedagon Pagoda with over a thousand sparkling lights makes this special arrangement a once in a lifetime  experience!

  • Day 02: Yangon – Bagan (B,L)

    Morning transfer to the domestic airport and scheduled flight to Bagan, Nyaung-U Airport (Approx:  1 hr 10 mins). Bagan, one of Asia’s most popular archaeological destinations as well as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2019. Upon arrival to Bagan, head directly to the vibrant morning market at Nyaung-U. Join the local residents pursuing a colorful array of fruits, vegetables, rice, handmade furnishings, and clothing. It is also an opportunity for kids to learn about the local market in Bagan.

    Afterward, visit Shwezigon Pagoda, one of Bagan’s most important religious sites. Built by King Anawrahta in 1044, the grand, golden edifice features four shrines, each with a 13 ft – 3.9 m bronze statue of Buddha.

    Following a visit to Shwezigon Pagoda, head for one of the private places beside Ayeyarwaddy River, a tranquil venue that serves as a wonderful backdrop for photos and relax for a while with Bagan’s snacks as refreshment.

    Proceed to Ananda Temple, one of the finest and best-preserved of all Bagan’s Buddhist shrines. Built in 1091 during the reign of King Kyansittha, its shimmering gold hti (pinnacle ornament) tops a perfectly-proportioned landmark visible all around town.

    The region’s culinary school, Sanon Training Restaurant will be set for lunch which is operated by the Myanmar Youth Development Institute, the school graduates 30 disadvantaged youths each year and assists with placing them in the hospitality industry. English language classes along with kitchen and front-of-the-house skills are part of the curriculum. Chat with one or two of the students and watch as meals are prepared in the open kitchen. After lunch, check in to the hotel and relax for a break.

    In the early evening, a great way to explore old Bagan and see majestic Temples by the electric bike (e-bike) in the Archaeological Zone before reaching the sunset place. Enjoy sunset at one of the hillocks over the Bagan plains and admire the light change on the pagodas as they exude antiquity and mystery. Transfer to the hotel and overnight in Bagan.

    Optional Activity: A Day in Life of a Goatherd (Goat keeping Tour)

    Goats have been part of Bagan scenery for generations, local fauna and usually two or three herders look after some 150 goats. To support the local community, the guests can participate with local goat herders and the first goat oriented sustainable tour in Bagan. Enjoy simple life pleasure and be a goatherd for a day amidst the charming rural setting of Bagan. Follow the tribe of goats through the delightful path among the Bagan temples as the local goatherd shares the secrets behind this age-old vocation. Get real up close with the locals (and the goats in this case) and explore the lesser-known parts of this temple-studded land.

    Breakfast included
    Launch included
  • Day 03: Bagan (B)

    Optional Activity – Balloon ride in Bagan

    Today you have the unique opportunity to enjoy spectacular views of the ancient Kingdom of Bagan in a hot air balloon! The world famous archeological site of Bagan is known for its marvelous sunrises, best enjoyed from the top of one of the monuments. A balloon flight gives you the chance to see Bagan with a bird’s eye view.

    Optional Activity – Beautiful Memory of a Green Thumb

    This experience is crafted for those travelers with a passion for the green holiday. Play a part in keeping Bagan green. Purchase a seedling at the colorful morning market and put the green thumb to work by planting it in a local village. Visit the well-protected wildlife sanctuary and meet the world’s largest star tortoise. Take a walk around Bagan temples for the most fascinating rural landscape. Join a day of ecotourism activities to help offset the travel carbon footprint and bring home beautiful memories.

    Enjoy breakfast at the hotel after that the journey begins to one of the local authentic villages to explore the real Bagan typical village, once at the village explore the daily life of the local inhabitants with a walking tour. After visit, proceed to one of the local family business making of toddy or palm sugar the opportunity to see how the palm sap is gathered in small pots hung high in the trees and then is heated in large pots to produce a smoky tasting and sweet palm sugar. Drive back to Bagan and enjoy hotel atmosphere for this afternoon.

    In the late afternoon, the trip to Palin River view elephant camp just half an hour from Bagan, the kids might be happy to get in close with the Asian Elephants. A total of eight elephants worked for the logging from the jungle until stopped logging business in Myanmar since three years ago. Now, retired elephants will need help for their daily basics and opening for the visitors to earn the entrance charge for their survival. The retreat is part of a conservation plan and is a sanctuary for the pachyderms. A perfect activity for the whole family enjoys meeting with elephants themselves for feeding. Pre-arrangement “Buffet Fruits Table” for the elephants as a family donation that will be as great memory as ever. Also, have a good opportunity to take a bath with the elephants in the Ayeyarwady River with the local elephant handler.

    Head to the jetty near the camp, evening cruise to Bagan, explore the spectacular view of the sunset over the scenic beauty of River Ayeyarwady.   Transfer to the hotel and overnight in Bagan.

    Breakfast included
  • Day 04: Bagan – Mandalay – Sagaing – Amarapura – Mandalay (B)

    Morning Breakfast at hotel. Transfer to Bagan, Nyaung-U Airport for a short flight to Mandalay (Approx: 30 mins). On arrival, head to Sagaing then cross the Ayeyarwady route to Sagaing Hill, the living center of Buddhism in Myanmar the pagoda sprinkled hills of Sagaing, an important religious and monastic center, home to some 554 monasteries and 6,000 monks and nuns. After reaching the bottom of Sagaing Hill, driving to the summit for sweeping panoramic views, a noteworthy Pagoda on the hill is Soon U Ponya Shin Pagoda.

    Time to explore one of the monasteries which is home to many monks. Upon time permitting, to observe Lunch offering time at the monastery their last meal in a day. Head to U Bein’s Bridge, built-in 1782 by Major U Bein using salvaged teak columns from the deconstruction of Ava Palace. At this time, 1.2 kilometers in length was believed to be the longest teak bridge in the world.

    Enjoy a stroll along the bridge and the fabulous views of the surrounding farms and streams. After the visit, the journey continues to Mandalay (12km) by passing Mandalay’s various agricultural landscapes and villages. Transfer to the hotel for check-in and escape the midday heat.

    After relaxing, visit the Golden Palace Monastery also known as the Shwenandaw Monastery. Famous for its intricate wood-carvings, this monastery is a fragile reminder of the old Mandalay Palace.

    Continue exploration with a visit to Kuthodaw Pagoda listed by UNESCO as a memory of the World Heritage Site which is known as the world’s largest book due to the Buddhist scripture carved on its 729 marble slabs.

    Before the end of the day, will be introduced with Myanmar traditional show at  Mintha Theater which is run by the Inwa school of performing arts and all the performers are students at the school. The school is run as a charitable project and an hour-long show composed of a series of short dance pieces in lavish traditional costumes. It will be a remarkable evening experience with a local traditional show for the family.
    Overnight night in Mandalay.

    Breakfast included
  • Day 05: Mandalay – Mingun – Mandalay (B)

    After breakfast, Drive up to Mandalay hill, rising 240 meters above the hill provides a great viewing platform of the surrounding countryside and beauty of Mandalay city.  Head out to experience the sights and sounds of Mandalay, including one of the most revered religious images in Myanmar – the Mahamuni Pagoda. Admire the beautiful gold leaf covered statues on display.

    Mandalay is not only famous for its culture but also proud of their crafts and souvenirs including Myanmar string puppets. Next visit a local craft shop, variety of marionette’s design and see how these items are created by the artists themselves. The family can order a unique personalized marionette with different color, design as a memorable souvenir once a time in Mandalay.

    Continue exploration to visit Royal Palace, the last kingdom Palace of Myanmar. The palace was constructed by King Mindon in 1857 which was moved from the capital Amarapura. It is also the landmark of Myanmar, primary symbol of Mandalay and it is seen as a symbol of sovereignty and identity of Burmese.

    There is no better way to teach analysis skill and a crucial perspective for understanding and problem solving to children by using the history of Myanmar because history shows problems in the past. History points to see patterns that might otherwise be invisible in the present.

    In the afternoon time, the journey continues to jetty to join a local private boat trip to Mingun (11 km, about one hour) enjoying the picturesque scenery of this river and the lifestyles of the local people, small longtail boats, bamboo rafts, and ferries carry goods up and down the river. Arrive Mingun and start to visit the Mingun Bell, Mingun Bell which weighs more than 87 tons and is more than 3.7 meters tall. This is the world’s largest uncracked bell.

    Head  to the beautiful Hsinbyume (Ma Thein Tan) Pagoda, a white-washed temple built to resemble Mount Meru. And the unfinished, mighty Mingun Pagoda (built to be the world’s biggest. Cruise along the river, sail back to Mandalay and savor sunset vistas over the scenic beauty of River Ayeyarwady. Return back to the hotel and overnight in Mandalay.

    Breakfast included
  • Day 06: Mandalay – Heho – NyaungShwe Jetty – Inle Lake (B)

    Morning transfer to Mandalay Airport for a short flight to Heho (Approx. 30 mins). Upon arrival at Heho airport, drive to Nyaung Shwe jetty at the gateway of the Inle Lake famous for its unique leg rower (1 hr drive). On the way, stop will be at a local family-run workshop to observe paper making for the production of traditional Shan parasols.

    Then, the visit “Shwe Yan Pyay” is a beautiful red-painted teak building dated back to the 19th century. Arrive in Nyaung Shwe and start a local boat trip on Inle Lake which is a photographer’s dream because of its natural beauty. Its calm waters are dotted with floating vegetation and fishing canoes to which picturesque hills provide the perfect backdrop.

    Explore the lake’s only ‘leg rowers’, Intha fishermen who stand up with one leg around a single paddle, leaving their hands free to manipulate the conical fishing net. Marvel at Phaung Daw Oo Pagoda, the holiest religious site in southern Shan State. Pass endless floating gardens, where Intha lake dwellers grow fruit and vegetables. After a day of exploring, transfer to the hotel and overnight in Inle.

    Breakfast included
  • Day 07: Inle Lake – Indein – Inle Lake (B,L)

    Optional Activity – Balloons ride in Inle Lake

    This morning you will have the unique opportunity to enjoy spectacular views over Inle Lake in a hot air balloon! Flying over Inle Lake in a balloon really is a unique way of experiencing one of Myanmar’s most scenic and cultural attractions.

    Morning Alms (Optional Activity)

    Almsgiving is an important part of the culture and one of the most common practices throughout the country every day of the year for Buddhism in Myanmar. The ritual of giving alms is a way to support Buddhist monks, who study and practice the Buddha’s teachings, by offering them food. Discover the unique cultural traditions and religious practices of Myanmar and Myanmar Voyages will create a private family donation ceremony as you participate in a mystic food donation ritual at one of the monasteries in Inle lake in the early morningThis is a perfect opportunity to learn about the Buddhist culture that will for sure stay in your family memory forever.

    Enjoy breakfast at the hotel, explore a 5-day rotating market (if the visit coincides with the schedule) which offers an insight into the life of the ethnic Pa-O, Danu, and Intha people who come to these markets to sell and buy goods. Long-tailed boat across the lake to Indein at the western end of Inle for one of the most scenic trips on the Lake.

    Disembark at the jetty and walk for a few minutes through Indein village to reach the 14th – 18th-century pagoda ruins of Nyaung Oak. A covered walkway popular with souvenir stall holders leads up to Shwe Inn Thein Paya, a complex of weather-beaten 17th – 18th-century zedi; some newly reconstructed.

    Enjoy a stop to watch traditional silk weaving artists, using wooden handlooms to create a beautiful artistic pattern.

    A great place to stop for a traditional lunch at the best restaurant in Inle lake “Inle Heritage”, Non Profit Organization is involved in several activities aimed at preserving the culture of the local people in the lake. Under the tree of Inle Heritage, there is a vocational training restaurant, an organic garden, and a breeding house of Burmese cats recorded as royal pets in ancient days. The restaurant will serve “Traditional food” with its own organic garden vegetables with homemade Shan recipes. A family can observe all activities at the Heritage house before enjoying the canoe experience.

    Time at leisure will allow exploring the canoe boat experience by Inle Canoe Lady. The canoe will be rowed by local women who work at the cigar workshop but are offering this short trip to provide their families with an extra income. The canoe through the channels, between the houses built on stilts and the floating gardens of the “Intha” who live in the lake. Once back to the hotel, time at leisure for the rest of the evening. Time to watch the sunset over postcard views of the lake. Overnight in Inle lake.

    Breakfast included
    Launch included
  • Day 08: Inle Lake – NyaungShwe Jetty – Heho – Thandwe (Ngapali Beach) (B)

    Arrive at Thandwe Airport, head to Ngapali Beach a quiet tropical paradise stretches over 7 km, this azure Ngapali beach tops the chart of Asia’s most pristine beaches.  Ngapali beach serves as the grand finale to every Myanmar trip and memorial for a family holiday before the end of the trip.

    For bird-watching, take trekking to explore the neighboring town, fishing villages, dazzling temples, colorful markets. It is a beach-lover heaven for its clear and unpolluted water, making it a perfect place for various beach activities and water sports. Overnight in Ngapali Beach.

    Breakfast included
  • Day 09: Ngapali Beach (B)

    Ngapali Beach is still a truly undiscovered paradise far away from tourist crowds. There are no noisy beach bars, no discos, no jet-skis, and no rows of suntan-oiled bodies basking in the sun. White sand, the natural scenic beauty of the blue sea, swaying palm trees and privacy are guaranteed ingredients of a beach holiday at Ngapali Beach. Not only for relaxation at the beach, the visitors still have a chance to do some attractive activities at Ngapali beach as follows:

    • Snorkeling, Kayaking & Scuba-diving
    • Biking Tour. Mountain View Trekking Tour
    • Elephant Jungle Sanctuary Experience
    • Thandwe Local Market and visit a small town
    • Finishing Village Experience
    • Ngapali Cooking Class
    • Balloon Over The Beach
    • Tee Off time (Golf)
    • Private tour to Maung Shwe Lay Island

    Overnight in Ngapali Beach.

    Breakfast included
  • Day 10: Thandwe (Ngapali Beach) – Yangon (B)

    After breakfast, transfer to Thandwe Airport departs for Yangon by flight (Approx: 50 mins). Arrive Yangon and start to explore the city tour, first visit Chauk Htat Gyi Pagoda and it is a huge reclining Buddha 217 feet long and is one of the largest in Myanmar.

    Head to downtown for a walking experience tour, Yangon is known for the highest number of colonial period buildings in Southeast Asia. A walk around the city tour will offer many photo opportunities of locals enjoying at local tea shops as well as a chance to view some of the historic buildings in the area and the impressive British-Colonial City Hall a fine example of syncretic Burmese architecture.

    Next proceed to one of the local tea houses for a chance to experience Myanmar tea culture, a contemporary venue inspired by the traditional tea house of the British colonial era. The last visit to the famous Bogyoke Market (Scott Market), with hundreds of shops for food, clothing, crafts and precious stones.  Drive back to the hotel and check-in, the rest day for your own leisure. Overnight in Yangon.

    IMPORTANT NOTICE: The Bogyoke Market (Scott Market) will be closed every Monday and Holidays.

    Special dinner in Yangon – Optional Activity

    As for your last night in Myanmar, you will be experiencing the most memorable dinner in Yangon’s most prestigious and best quality restaurant; Le Planteur. Le Planteur is a French Fine Dining with an Asian twist, served in a luxurious mansion along with a romantic garden compound. The experience of watching the sensational view from the garden while having a delicious meal with your loved ones is what makes the night special at your memorial time in Myanmar!

    Breakfast included
  • Day 11: Yangon Departure (B)

    Enjoy breakfast at the hotel. Free at your own leisure until the departure time. Then, transfer to Yangon International airport and depart for the next destination.

    Breakfast included

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