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      Serene Trails amidst the Shan Mountains: Trekking through the Enchanting Pa-O Heartland

      Day Return Lwe Khaw, Maing Thauk, Nyaung Shwe, Pa-O Heartland, Shan State Community Base Tourism, Pa-O, Shan State (CIT – Community Involved Tourism)

      Pa-O, Shan State (CIT – Community Involved Tourism): Nyaung Shwe – Lwe Khaw – Maing Thauk (Trek Only)Welcome to the enchanting Pa-o region in Shan State, where pristine forests and majestic mountains await your exploration. This vibrant land is not only home to the Shan, Intha, and Pa-O communities but also a captivating haven for eco-tourism, brimming with a plethora of engaging activities.Nestled around the breathtaking Inle Lake, the Pa-O villages beckon travellers with their timeless charm. Immerse yourself in...

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