Animal in Tourism

Since Myanmar is one of the last countries in the region to use animals’ power for cultivation, transportation and wood production but Myanmar peoples are not willing to serve those animals in the tourism industry like others. However, Tourism trend is changing due to high demand and competitiveness. Most of the responsible tour operators are balancing and avoiding animal abuse in tour operations.

The following tourist’s activities are being used for animals occasionally.

( 1 ) Horse cart/ Ox cart riding experiences: In fact, it is really supported for local communities and also survival of animals but it will be controlled for over capacity, on the other hand save the environment by  reducing carbon pollution.

( 2 ) Visit Elephant works: Myanmar Voyages will not encourage to promote elephants to show public as a circus but some elephant camps are taking care retired elephants and it can be  provided for their survival by visiting domestic travellers and international tourists. Elephants worked for the logging from the jungle until they stopped logging business in Myanmar three years ago. Now, retired elephants will need help for their daily basics and opening for the visitors to earn the entrance charge for their survival. Elephants are still used in forest for logs carrying in legal and transportation in some remote areas as well.

( 3 ) Ayeyarwaddy Dolphin Expedition: Myanmar is one of the unique ecotourism destinations in Asia, fisherman friendly Dolphins are facing threaten by electric shock fishing illegally in upper Ayeyarwady River in Myanmar. So, Myanmar Voyages is emphasizing on the Save Ayeyarwaddy Dolphin campaign by organizing eco tourists to this area as package tours .

( 4 ) Bird Watching Tour: Myanmar is one of the famous places for different kinds of rare spices and migrate birds during winter, there are various bird watching attractive zones and Myanmar Voyages encourage to explore nature ways of wildlife  for birds watchers as special interest tourism.

( 5 ) Hunting Tours: Although some other counties are making promotion for hunting tourism, there is no such kind of activity due to government existing law. Myanmar Voyages is always standing for wild-life conservation and saving rare animals in the countryside by refusing to purchase such products, buying or consuming products that encourage illegal wildlife trade.

Myanmar Voyages promotes the welfare of animals according to National and International Law: 

Offering Wildlife encounters that directly benefit those species. 

  • If wildlife excursion is included in our tours, we only offer clients to observe or interact with wildlife either in National parks or the areas that are protected from poaching or hunting, or at dedicated conservation centres that aim to protect animals to release back into the wild. 

Working with suppliers that match our animal welfare standards.

  • Myanmar Voyages is carefully selective of local associates and approaches to those who share our commitment to promotion of animal welfare. Working in line with Travelife’s animal welfare guidelines, we are committed to assessing and monitoring animal welfare throughout our supply chain. 

Working with suppliers to improve living standards for animals.

  • An extremely important part of animal welfare is working with animal owners and care-takers throughout the destinations we travel, to encourage better standards of welfare. We recognize that our animal welfare policy can have a huge impact on animals. We therefore remain committed to providing our suppliers with animal guidelines for animal welfare and discussing ways to make sure they follow the guidelines. 

Not including rides on undomesticated animals on our packages.

  • Myanmar Voyages tour packages do not include opportunities to ride on wild animals. These include elephants, which are undomesticated often captured from the wild and captivated using a variety of cruel methods in order to encourage them to obey their owners. 

Guidelines for visiting pristine areas and interacting with wildlife

Travel to national parks and wildlife areas can bring positive economic impact as entrance fees contribute to the maintenance and conservation of local flora and animal species while visitors benefit from the educational aspects of the area and increase awareness of the need and place for conservation.

Myanmar Voyages tour guides and drivers are expected to adhere and provide necessary information to the clients: 

  • Stick to roads and established paths, keep to speed limit and do not drive trucks off road except in the case of emergency.
  • Ensure to dispose of waste in appropriate bins if available.
  • Remind clients to refrain from smoking or otherwise provide one-off cigarette butt bins and throw at designated areas. 
  • Do not touch or bring trees, plants and corals. 
  • Do not shout or make excessive noises to wild animals. 
  • Most importantly, do not hunt or throw substances to animals. 

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