Cultural Road Ava to Amarapura (featuring sunset at U Bein Bridge)

Day Return Amarapura, Mandalay Division Cycling Tours

Tour Overview

Set out on a remarkable bicycle expedition to explore Mandalay’s marvels and the area around it. As you travel gorgeous routes, veer off the usual path, you discover hidden treasures and the real locals’ daily life. Explore the most important sights in the area, then end the day with a breathtaking sunset display at the famous U-Bein Bridge.

Travel itinerary

  • Travel Itinerary – (Half Day Tour)

    Begin the tour by being picked up at your hotel (please note that the starting time may vary depending on the sunset). Depart from Mandalay, heading south to escape the busy city roads.

    Once on the historic Royal Road, switch to bicycles and ride towards the ancient city of Ava. Along the way, you’ll pass through charming villages, encounter unexplored ruins, and have the opportunity to visit century-old cottage industries. The tranquil countryside, with its verdant fields and gentle hills, creates a serene backdrop for your cycling exploration.

    Upon reaching the city walls, take a short ferry ride across the Dohtwaddy River. This short river crossing adds a touch of adventure and offers a unique perspective on the surrounding landscapes.

    The next few kilometers can be a bit crowded, but for those who prefer not to ride, a van is available. As you continue, the road becomes quieter, leading you through quaint villages on the outskirts of another ancient capital called Amarapura. As you pedal through this ancient capital, you’ll have the opportunity to explore the scenic outskirts, historical sites, and small villages where you can catch glimpses of local life and witness traditional cottage industries in action. This provides a unique opportunity to observe and interact with the locals, gaining insights into their daily routines.

    Conclude the bike ride at U-Bein Bridge, an impressive teak wood bridge stretching 1.2km in length. Built in 1859, it offers an excellent vantage point for capturing a breathtaking sunset. Riding your bike along the bridge or stopping to take in the panoramic vistas creates a memorable experience.

    Return to Mandalay by car at the end of the tour.

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