Discovering the Enchanting Rih Lake: An Expedition through Chin Hill

5 Days - 4 Nights Chin State, Kalay, Mt. Kennedy (Kennedy Peak), Phnom Village, Rih Lake, Sagaing Division, Tedim Township, Yangon Division Off The Beaten Trails

Tour Overview

Experience the captivating allure of Rih Lake, a mesmerizing natural wonder situated at the India-Myanmar border town of RehKhaw Da. According to local legends, Rih Lake holds a mystical significance as the gateway through which departed souls embark on their journey to eternal realms. Prepare to be enchanted as you trek through surreal countryside, verdant paddy fields, and lush forested hills, immersing yourself in the ethereal ambiance that surrounds this heart-shaped lake. Indulge in awe-inspiring vistas of the southern Chin Hills, where breathtaking landscapes unfold at every turn, leaving an indelible impression on your senses.

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    1. Backpack (20L): A backpack of appropriate size to carry your essentials and personal belongings during the trek.
    2. Hiking shoes (waterproof): Sturdy and comfortable hiking shoes with good traction are essential to navigate various terrains and provide protection for your feet. Waterproof shoes are recommended to handle wet conditions.
    3. Windbreaker: A lightweight, windproof jacket or windbreaker is useful to protect against gusty winds and sudden weather changes.
    4. Trekking shorts & pants: Pack lightweight and quick-drying trekking shorts and pants for flexibility and comfort during the trek.
    5. Trekking t-shirt or shirt: Choose moisture-wicking and breathable fabrics for your t-shirts or shirts to keep you cool and comfortable during the trek.
    6. Gloves: Depending on the weather and altitude, consider bringing gloves to protect your hands from cold temperatures or rough terrains.
    7. Trekking socks: Invest in high-quality trekking socks that provide cushioning, moisture-wicking, and blister prevention for long hikes.
    8. Sunglasses: Protect your eyes from the sun’s glare and harmful UV rays by wearing sunglasses with UV protection.
    9. Hat: A wide-brimmed hat or cap helps shield your face and neck from the sun, providing protection and shade.
    10. Sunscreen: Apply and reapply sunscreen with a high SPF to protect your skin from sunburn and harmful UV radiation.
    11. Hiking poles: Hiking poles can provide stability, support, and reduce strain on your joints during challenging treks. Consider bringing a pair for added assistance.
    12. Headlamp: A headlamp is essential for evening or early morning treks or any low-light situations, allowing for hands-free illumination.

Travel itinerary

  • Day 01: Yangon – Kalay Myo

    The tour begins with a flight from Yangon to Kalay Myo, which takes approximately 1 hour and 50 minutes. Upon arrival in the afternoon, the first stop is the town’s hand weaving workshops, where traditional Chin dresses are made. If there is enough time, you can also visit Kyauk Talone, a popular spot among young locals, to enjoy swimming in natural pools or the safe and shallow river. Overnight stay in Kalay.

  • Day 02: Kalay Myo – Rih Lake (B)

    After breakfast, the journey continues with a drive to the remote and unspoiled Chin hill region, known as the most remote area in Myanmar. By mid-morning, you will reach Tedim and take a bumpy and dusty road to the India border to cross the Manipur River via Man Sau Bridge and pass through some villages to reach the heart-shaped Rih Lake.

    Accommodation for the night will be in a guest house near Rih Lake.

    Breakfast included
  • Day 03: Rih Lake – Tedim – Mt. Kennedy – Phnom village (B)

    In the morning, after enjoying breakfast at a local tea house, the group will drive back to Tedim. They will have an opportunity to explore the lively Indian-Myanmar border town of Rih Khaw Dal and observe the trading activities. Afterward, a visit to Tedim is scheduled.

    Next, the journey continues with an hour-long drive to Mt. Kennedy, followed by a trek of approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes to the peak of Mt. Kennedy (locally known as Thuamvum). You can relish a panoramic view from the summit. After descending, there will be a direct trek of approximately 2 hours to Phnom village, where overnight accommodation is arranged.

    Breakfast included
  • Day 04: Phnom Village (B)

    After breakfast, there will be a one-hour trek to Phunom old village, where you can observe the way of life of the Chin villagers, who belong to the Tibeto-Burmese ethnic group.

    Overnight stay in Phunom village.

    Breakfast included
  • Day 05: Phunom Village – Kalay (B)

    Following breakfast, a two-hour trek will take you to Solang Village, which translates to “Lucky Place.” This is the meeting point where transportation will be waiting to drive you back to Kalay.

    Finally, you will be transferred to the airport.

    Breakfast included

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