Discovering the Charms of Dotthawaddy River in Hsipaw

2 Days - 1 Nights Hsipaw, Shan State, The Dotthawaddy River Off The Beaten Trails

Tour Overview

Experience the serenity of Hsipaw as you embark on a journey away from the bustling crowds. Immerse yourself in the enchanting beauty of the Shan hills, where hidden trails await to be explored. Traverse captivating landscapes adorned with verdant hills, seasonal crops, and flourishing paddies. Encounter the allure of quaint Shan villages, including those belonging to the Palaung hill tribe, offering a unique glimpse into the lives of ethnic minorities. Indulge in an authentic cultural experience by residing in traditional homes. With various levels of trekking options available, catering to both beginners and seasoned adventurers, there is a perfect itinerary to cater to every individual’s travel preferences.

Travel itinerary

  • Hsipaw – Dotthawaddy River – Hsipaw (5-hour upstream & downstream)

    The day begins with a delightful breakfast at the hotel, setting the perfect tone for an exciting adventure along the scenic Dotthawaddy River. Get onboard a thrilling boat trip, cruising upstream for approximately one hour, immersing yourselves in the tranquil beauty of the river. The Dotthawaddy River serves as a lifeline for local communities, supporting agricultural activities and providing a source of livelihood for the people living along its banks. Exploring the Dotthawaddy River allows you to witness the charm of rural life in Myanmar, as along the river you may encounter traditional Shan villages, lush fruit plantations, and captivating landscapes. The journey provides a glimpse into the local culture and offers a chance to interact with the friendly communities residing in the area.


    Upon reaching your destination, disembark and set off on a short, 15-minute uphill trek that leads you to a mesmerizing fruit plantation. As you wander through the orchards and crops, taking in the vibrant sights and fragrant scents, continue your journey for around 30 minutes until you arrive at a magnificent Shan monastery. This sacred place, situated amidst the serene forest, holds a remarkable history of 180 years. Take your time to explore the monastery, marveling at its intriguing artifacts and soaking in the peaceful ambiance.


    Afterward, make your way back to the jetty, where you board another boat for the return journey. Along the way, drop by at a traditional Shan village, adorned with charming old-fashioned houses and delightful gardens, creating a picturesque setting that evokes a sense of nostalgia.

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