Kalaw Serenity: Gentle Trek through Scenic Nature Trails

Day Return Kalaw, Shan State Off The Beaten Trails

Tour Overview

Go out on an enthralling adventure through Myanmar’s stunning landscapes and dynamic cultural heritage. This comprehensive tour takes you on an incredible trekking adventure where you can admire the beauty of the surrounding rice fields and pine forests while also discovering the local towns. Prepare to interact with the local populations, learn about their intriguing traditions, and take in the beautiful views from mountain summits. This itinerary guarantees an enriching experience that will leave you with priceless memories, from the warm hospitality of the Danu villages to the fascinating customs of the Pa-O hamlets.

Travel itinerary

  • Kalaw – Myin Ka – Pane Ne Pin – Kalaw

    Start your day with breakfast, and then take a drive to reach the starting point of your trek. From there, set off on a hiking adventure towards the enchanting Danu village of Myin Ka. As you trek, enjoy the breathtaking views of the valley adorned with vibrant rice fields. Traverse a serene pine forest until you reach the charming village of Pane Ne Pin.

    During your journey, take the opportunity to observe local villagers diligently working in the garlic and rice fields. Immerse yourself in the unique culture of the Pa-O village, where women elegantly adorn themselves in traditional indigo dresses. Learn fascinating details about their customs and traditions, and have a delightful cup of tea together in one of the local houses.

    Afterward, savor a delicious lunch at a nearby local restaurant and take a well-deserved rest. Following your break, continue your trek towards the mountain’s peak, where a mesmerizing panoramic view awaits. Feast your eyes on the picturesque sight of the rice terraces, the valley, and the surrounding villages.

    Once you’ve experienced the awe-inspiring scenery, the car will be ready to pick you up and transfer you back to your hotel, where you can unwind and spend the night.

    Note: Please ensure that you have the necessary permits, follow local regulations, and consult with a professional tour operator to guarantee a safe and enjoyable experience.

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