Loikaw Unveiled: Trekking into Authenticity with the Long-Neck Women

Day Return Kayah State, Loikaw Off The Beaten Trails

Tour Overview

Venture out on a memorable tour through Loikaw’s secret lanes and immerse yourself in a wholly genuine cultural encounter. Explore these uncharted paths to come across the unique long-necked Kayan tribe, renowned for their extraordinary customs. As you start your amazing stroll, stop at one of their traditional homes to learn about their rituals and see their tenacity firsthand as they expertly weave beautiful scarves and traditional materials. On your excursion, be prepared to capture spectacular scenery and Loikaw’s pristine beauty; it is a photographer’s paradise. Its breathtaking natural surroundings offer a fantastic backdrop in all their raw beauty.

Travel itinerary

  • Loikaw – Lopu Village – Pan Pet Ranku (Kayan Village) – (8 Hours Round Trip)

    After breakfast, begin an exciting journey as we travel to the departure location, which takes about an hour and a half. After that, we will continue our journey to Lopu Kayan village via a lovely hiking route that will take us through stunning terrain for about an hour and a half before we arrive at the settlement. Take a well-earned break when you get there.

    Once rested, continue to explore Lopu’s beauties and have the chance to meet the local people, including the famous Kayan ladies, who are distinguished by their distinctively long necks ornamented with metal coils. From an early age, Kayan girls begin wearing brass coils, which are gradually added over time. This process gives the appearance of elongated necks, although it does not actually lengthen the neck itself. The coils push down the collarbone and compress the ribcage, creating the illusion of elongation. This practice is deeply rooted in Kayan tradition and is a significant aspect of their cultural identity.

    After a filling lunch, our trip continues on a two-hour trek to Pan Pet Ranku village. Visiting a Kayan village provides an opportunity to interact with the local women and gain insights into their unique way of life.

    Drive back to Loikaw as night falls, capping off your amazing trek.

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