Plant for Sustainability in UNESCO Heritage Site

Day Return Bagan, Mandalay Division Responsible Travel

Tour Overview

Make a positive impact on Bagan’s environment with this unique responsible tour. Purchase a seedling at the colorful morning market and plant it in a local village, then visit a well-protected wildlife sanctuary to meet the world’s largest star tortoise. Take a leisurely stroll around Bagan’s temples and engage in ecotourism activities to reduce your carbon footprint. Bring home beautiful memories while contributing to the preservation and sustainability of Bagan’s natural beauty.

Travel itinerary

  • Travel Itinerary

    Start your day at the bustling morning market, where you’ll mingle with locals and browse the colorful stalls selling everything from fresh produce to handmade pottery. Choose a seedling to plant in a nearby village, and begin your orientation walk around the temples of Bagan with a panoramic view of this awe-inspiring landscape.


    Once you arrive at the village, get your hands dirty and plant a small sapling to contribute to the region’s greenery. Then, take a break and visit one of the monasteries along the river for a taste of authentic Myanmar tea and snacks, while observing the daily routines of the locals.

    Next, head to Lawkananda wildlife sanctuary, a protected forest where you’ll encounter the world’s largest star tortoises in their natural habitat. Learn about the conservation efforts that are helping to preserve this endangered species and its environment.

    As the day draws to a close, transfer back to your hotel, filled with a sense of satisfaction in contributing to responsible travel, playing a part in keeping the environment green and clean, and promoting sustainable tourism in this stunning region.

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