Taste, Shop, and Learn: A Socially Responsible Tour of Yangon’s Best Businesses

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Tour Overview

This walking tour offers an opportunity for travelers to experience responsible tourism in Myanmar by visiting social enterprises that have a positive impact on the local community. Hla Day, for example, sells high-quality lifestyle products handmade by local artisans and underprivileged individuals, with all profits reinvested to support the disadvantaged community. LinkAge, on the other hand, is a training restaurant where street youth learn the art of cooking as a life skill while providing delicious Myanmar cuisine for visitors. The Third Story Project uses storytelling to communicate, connect, and educate children on important social topics. Throughout the tour, travelers will learn about the mission statements and values of each social enterprise, and how they contribute to the community.

Travel itinerary

  • Travel Itinerary

    Start your day in Myanmar with a socially responsible tour of three impactful businesses located downtown and within walking distance.

    The first stop is Hla Day, a souvenir shop that exclusively sells 100% locally made products crafted by impoverished or disadvantaged individuals. All profits are reinvested in remote areas or for training purposes to help support these communities.

    Next, you will visit the Third Story Project. They create beautiful and colorful books with positive messages for children, promoting messages of tolerance, love, and freedom. Through these books, the Third Story Project educates and connects children on important social topics.

    In the afternoon, enjoy lunch at LinkAge restaurant, a training restaurant where disadvantaged young people learn the art of cooking as a life skill. All profits from the restaurant are invested in the trainees and social programs that support them on their journey to becoming skilled, productive, and happy young individuals with a more secure future.

    After the enjoyable lunch, head back to the hotel, feeling satisfied from the delicious meal and fulfilled from the knowledge that your visit supported the local community.

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