Trekking the Picturesque Trails of Shan Plateau around Inle Lake

Day Return Inle Lake, Shan State Off The Beaten Trails

Tour Overview

Indulge in the spectacular scenery of the hilly Shan area as you set off on an enthralling hike through the pristine beauty of Inle Lake. As you go through charming bamboo woods, come across a vast diversity of medicinal trees, and come across seasonal plantations, breathe in the refreshing mountain air. Along the route, enjoy the charm of rural life and take in the laid-back atmosphere that is all about you. The opportunity to enjoy a superb lunch at a local home and the warm hospitality you’ll experience along the way are two of the trek’s highlights. Enjoy the genuine tastes while building relationships with the friendly locals to preserve your adventure’s memories. This extraordinary excursion guarantees to provide the best natural spectacles and leave you with a lasting impression.

  • Inle Lake, situated in the Nyaung Shwe Township of the Taung Gyi District, spans an impressive length of 13.5 miles and stretches 7 miles wide. This breathtaking lake is renowned for its captivating floating villages and gardens, offering a glimpse into the extraordinary way of life embraced by the local Intha people, whose entire communities thrive on the water. In addition to the Intha, the region is home to a vibrant mix of other ethnic groups, contributing to the cultural diversity of the area. Accessing this enchanting destination is made convenient with multiple transportation options available. Whether you prefer to travel by car or opt for a quick flight, Inle Lake can be easily reached, ensuring a seamless journey to this remarkable locale.

Travel itinerary

  • Inle Lake (Magyigone) – Paya Phyu – Magyibin – Moe Kaung – Tatgyi – Banyin – Naungkan – Nampan

    After enjoying breakfast at the hotel, you will proceed to Magyigone, an Intha village situated on the Eastern bank of Inle Lake. This journey will take you through various seasonal plantations, and after approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes, you will reach Moe Kaung, which is located 6km away from Inle Lake.

    From Moe Kaung, you will embark on a leisurely walk straight to the Moe Kaung village, where you will have the opportunity to observe a diverse range of herbal trees, bamboo forests, various bird species, and seasonal crop plantations.

    Afterward, you will continue Your excursion to Tatgyi, where a delightful lunch will be served at a local home, allowing you to savor the flavors of the region.

    Once you have finished your meal, you will descend towards Banyin and Naungkan villages, passing through a picturesque bamboo forest, until you reach Nampan jetty. From there, you will take a boat back to your hotel, where you will spend the night.

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